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What is NOMEX®?

DuPont Nomex® IIIA brand fiber is a blend of 93% Nomex®, 5% Kevlar® aramid fibers and 2% P140 and is manufactured only by DuPont. Nomex®, a synthetic FR fiber (aromatic-amide), is combined with Kevlar® for strength and P140 for anti-static qualities. It is inherently resistant to flame, dissipates static, and is resistant to many chemicals including organics, acids, and bases.

The high level of protection synonymous with NOMEX® fibers is engineered into their molecular structure. It does not come from chemical treatment. This means that the heat and flame resistance of garments made of NOMEX® is inherent and permanent, and does not wear or wash out.

You can count on the protective performance of NOMEX® to last the life of a garment. Nomex® IIIA is widely used for clothing for the military, fire fighters, auto racers and industrial workers. Nomex® IIIA is suitable for most applications except welding.

The Importance of KEVLAR®

One of the most effective ways to reduce second and third degree skin burns is to make sure that the barrier of protective clothing between the heat source and skin remains intact during exposure. At DuPont this is called 'non-break-open protection' or, 'break-open resistance'.

Unlike conventional fibers, NOMEX® consolidates and thickens when exposed to a high temperature heat source. The presence of KEVLAR® in the fiber blend then prevents this swollen fabric from breaking open. Well engineered fabrics made from one of the NOMEX® family of fibers which also contain KEVLAR® maintain the all important protective barrier even during exposure to extremely high temperatures.

Other Synthetics Banned:

Polyester fleece garments have been banned from the fire line because they melt and cause severe burns upon exposure to flame and high heat. The U.S. Military has also banned underwear made from polyester, polypropylene, or other non-FR synthetics for the same reason. Malden Mills has developed Polartec® Thermal-FR™ to combine the comfort and performance of Polartec® with the safety provided by Nomex IIIA®.

The lightweight and compressible warmth make this fabric ideal for helitack and packing out to the fire line. This fabric is also great for wearing around camp in the morning, fighting fires at night, or to sleep in at a coyote camp.

Chuck Roast FR Garment Components:

  • Fabrics:
  • Polartec® Thermal-FR with Nomex® - 13.5 oz fleece made from Nomex IIIA (Berry Amendment compliant)
  • Nomex Fleece - 13.5 oz fleece made from Nomex IIIA
  • Polartec® Wind Pro® with Nomex® - A blend of 83% Nomex IIIA and 17% FR Polyester to achieve wind-resistance
  • Tactical Tee Fabric - A blend of 80% Modacrylic, 10% Spandex, 10% Polyester with X-Static silver fiber.
  • Thread: The seam thread used is 100% Nomex®.
  • Zipper: The zippers have brass teeth set in Nomex® zipper tape conforming to V-F-106F.
  • Plastic NFPA YKK Zipper: These zippers are available in black and are U.L. component registered to NFPA standards.
  • Reflective Tape: 3M Scotchlite NFPA meets NFPA 1971 Standards, 1997 Edition.

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    Nomex® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
    THERMAL-FR™ and POLARTEC® are registered trademarks of Malden Mills